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illmannereduchiha: "Care for a drink Nii-San?" Sasuke called holding a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon and two glasses. "It's been quite busy..." Eyeing around the bar he recently opened "although I always have room for you, How's the police work? Seems quite the task with you leader of the military police."//Modern AU if ya don't mind bae~


"I’ll take one." Itachi rarely drank, but it was appropriate to accept at least one at his brother’s bar. Sasuke was so proud of it, and Itachi as well. It was completely Sasuke’s dream and no one else’s. He took the glass and drank the amber liquid without any expression. "As I for you, otouto. It is fine. Demanding, but not strenuous. How about you?"

"It seems as father is a slave driver again, please take care of yourself sir" Reminding himself to keep a professional composer to no matter who was here, although the bar was close Sasuke hummed quietly cleaning his glasses once more.

"Thanks for covering for me with Father and Mother Nii-san, You know how they are when I was spouting about becoming a bartender." chuckling his lips creased a slight smile before he picked up his own glass placing it between his lips drinking the amber liquid, burning the back of his throat though all more to go down smoothly.

"Well now…Nii-san I heard rumors.." being a bartender had it perks especially as a informant on the side "Someone got murdered a few blocks down from here, it’s scaring all my customers away… thats what the 5th time this week?"


— { ♣ } — “Could you close the door behind you, please?


Opening his mouth to protest Sasuke sighed before leaving his sanctuary of his bar trailing to the door closing it behind him. “Mom I told you this is a bar” he whispered harshly beneath his breath before going back behind the counter to clean more glasses. “Welcome what can I get you Mademoiselle”

"My My not a lot of customers today" Sasuke muttered looking around at his empty bar "Though maybe I’ll be lucky today"

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“Ah hello how can I be of assistance?” The bartender curtsied a slight smile towards his customer “Welcome to Kusanagi”

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Oh my! it’s so nice ta meet someone who else is Vietnamese! I don’t have much friends who are from my same ethnicity! Names Crystal although I go by nicknames.
If ya ever wanna rp or add my Skype feel free to add me! I don’t mind going it out to people.

Open Welcome to Kusanagi


Naruto walked up to the bar smiling “i’ll have some rum please” he asked winking to the bartender slyly. 

"Oui." Nodding to his request Sasuke placed one cup in front of him before pouring a fairly common one, bartenders tend to know how much money one had by a gaze so, this low ballet drink was within his range. "Enjoy Sir."

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Anonymous: Are you vietnamese??

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Why Yes I am Anon how could you tell -lol- Many have mistaken me although not many have guessed correctly have you seen any of my current mun day photos?

I guessing maybe although here is what I currently look like As you can tell I’m fairly dark, than most of my cousins who are paler than I am

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Open Welcome to Kusanagi

“Voulez avoir un avant-goût du paradis?” Sasuke chimed softly cleaning the wine glass before hanging it upside down onto the glass rack, eyeing his customer carefully.”Welcome to Kusanagi, may I have your order?”

"I seek vengeance.. For my village Konoha, Anyone who stands in my way will be pierced by Kusanagi" Sasuke muttered darkly unsheathing his blade "Care to dance?"

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Now I totally remember why I quit the fandom though for some reason I can’t delete this blog. Tch, whatever. I do miss a select few of you, albeit. Am I even missed? Probably not. Though even if I tried rping on here no one will give it time or day, like always I’m just shadowed by many other great rpers Hnn? I’m taking my leave.